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* Pump out existing fuel
into holding tank

* Resite and lay new base to highest standards

* Dispose of your old tank

* Install your new
eco friendly tank

* Reconnect to your system
and replace fuel



Animal Ark
animal ark
Length: 2.3m
Width: 2.3m
Height: 1.4m

This plastic multi-purpose Animal Ark is made from hard-wearing UV stabilized polythylene giving advantages as follows:

  • Maintenance free.
  • No rusting or rotting.
  • Long lasting life.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Cooler in summer, warmer in winter.
  • Lightweight - 90Kg approx. - For easy relocation.
Length: 2.3m
Width: 2.3m
Height: 1.4m
Pictured wheelbarrow has a capacity of 4 cubic feet.

Other models available:
3 cubic feet.
9 cubic feet which is very useful in large gardens, stables and around the farmyard.
Medicine Cabinet
medicine cabinet
Width: 500mm
Height: 600mm
Depth: 300mm

A safe and hygenic method of storage for farm medicines.

  • Wall mounted.
  • Lockable.
  • Easily cleaned.

Information for models up to 340.

HDPE body & lid, 2 x 200mm wheels, solid rubber tyre on plastic rim, solid steel plated axle.

Optional Extras

  • Lid locks.
  • Paper slot.
  • Bottle bank.

Information for models 660 and 1100

HDPE body & lid (flat or roll lid), 4 x 200mm castors (2 with brakes)

Optional Extras

  • Lid locks.
  • Paper slot.
  • Bottle bank.
  • Towing kit.
  • Central brakes.
  • Trunnions.
  • Drop down door.
  • Forlift pockets.
  • The 1100 is also available in steel.